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We offer a wide range of Hosted services allowing us to serve your business completely. All of our services are owned and operated by allowing us to be your single point of contact for support needs.


DataLock Online Backup: Our premier product, DataLock Backup allows your business to store its essential data off-site for disaster recovery online using our secure Datacenter. We provide expert installation support and configuration. Whether looking for an alternative to tapes, meeting compliance regulations or simply proactively protecting your business, DataLock is a great solution.

Server and Network Monitoring: Server and Network monitoring allows us to know immediately if there is a problem with the critical components of your network. No more need to decide if you need to call for support. We call you and can quickly identify and fix the problem.


Remote Support: We have the ability to support you remotely wherever you are. We can quickly reboot a server, remove a virus or simply help you with an application installation.With remote support we can help you instantly.


SmarterMail Email: Smarter Email is for users looking for basic email for their business but who don't need all the advanced features of Exchange or Outlook. Smartermail is a web based email system that also allows POP and IMAP access.


Website Hosting: We offer premium web hosting. Our web servers have many advanced features including DotNetPanel Control access, FTP, MySQL, PHP 5.1, PERL, ASP, .Net 3.5, and many auto-installers to quickly get your site up and running.


Website Statistics: SmarterStats is a premium web statistics package that allows your business to interpret visitor traffic to your site. By analyzing your SmarterStats information you can make key decisions related to website improvements, SEO optimization and keyword advertising.



Take a look at the services we offer and click our Contact Page now or call us now to discuss your individual needs:


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